Today in the city North Johns 26.06.2017
North Korea Detainee Case Highlights Tourism Risks

North Korea’s release of a comatose American student who had been in prison turns a spotlight on the risks taken by the roughly 5,000 Western tourists who visit the country each year.

North Korea's 'Hidden Cobra' is wreaking havoc across the globe

The North Korean government is very good at hacking—and they're targeting media, aerospace, and financial companies in the United States.  The country was behind some of the most headline-g...

A cryptocurrency for weed is crashing a day after it sponsored Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea

A digital currency for the legal marijuana industry is plummeting a day after it sponsored Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea.  PotCoin is a digital cryptocurrency — much like bitcoin — tha...

US says North Korea is behind cyberattacks dating back to 2009 - CNET

The US' DHS and FBI are pinning several high-profile hacks on a North Korean group called Hidden Cobra, previously known as Lazarus Group, reports Reuters.

US blames North Korea for hacking spree, says more attacks are likely

The U.S. issued a rare alert blaming North Korea for a raft of cyberattacks stretching back to 2009 and warning that more were likely.

American Student Freed By North Korea Arrives Home

Otto Warmbier is said to have been in a coma since sometime after his sentencing in North Korea in March 2016. The American student was sentenced to a 15-year prison term after his arrest.

US College Student Released by North Korea Home, but in Coma

An American college student who was released from a North Korean prison is finally home but in a coma and undergoing treatment at an Ohio hospital.

The Latest: Student Released by North Korea Arrives in Ohio

US university student arives in Ohio from North Korea, where he was serving a 15-year prison term for alleged anti-state acts.

Mattis 'shocked' by US military readiness, warns on North Korea

Pentagon chief Jim Mattis told lawmakers on Monday he was "shocked" by the state of the US military's readiness, blaming legal budget caps and the grind of 16 years of constant war. The defense secre...

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